2020 Mom Must Have: 17-Month Family Organizer Calendar

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Ok moms, let’s talk some family organization!  In a world of everything digital, I am still an old fashioned pen and paper girl.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a calendar on my phone that I reference on the daily but I need to see the big picture all at once.  I just process things easier that way.  I also have a slight obsession with crossing things off, so at the end of the day that big X through the day gives me so much satisfaction (I know, I’m a geek). This is my fifth year purchasing the Amy Knapp Big Grid 17-Month Family Organizer and I absolutely cannot live without it. It’s my 2020 Mom Must Have: 17-Month Family Organizer Calendar that has everything you could possibly need all in once place, it’s easy to read and has tons of extras that you wouldn’t think you need but definitely do!



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Every year when this calendar comes in the mail I get some packing tape and slap it right to the side of the refrigerator.  This is the central communication hub for our family.  Here are the things I love most about it:



  • STICKERS!!!! Who doesn’t love stickers. I’m obsessed, so using these is so much fun.  There are stickers for everything you could possibly need or do.





  • There’s a PROJECT box for every month where you can list your “to-dos” or “priorities” for that month.





  • Amy also includes “MONTHLY PROJECTS” at the top of every month which is a reminder of things that you should think about doing for that month.  I especially love this because she’s always including things that I forget or wouldn’t think of.  As busy moms, it’s nice to have these reminders.  It really does help to make life easier.





  • There’s a “DON’T FORGET” area in the top corner which I use for extra notes.





  • It’s huge! There’s plenty of room on each day to write multiple appointments and tasks.





  • There’s a dinner menu spot for every day so you can quickly plan out your meals for the week.




  • There are three pages (36 total) of perforated, tear off lists that can be used for grocery shopping, etc..  The best part, there’s check off boxes!! LOL 🙂





  • The last page is a CONTACT page where you can store emergency information and other important phone numbers such as school, teachers, family etc!






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I am a creature of habit.  When I find something that works I buy it repeatedly.  This  2020 Mom Must Have: 17-Month Family Organizer Calendar has been such a huge time saver for our family.  It helps keep everything organized and in one spot.  From dinners to work and school functions to sports and vacations.  It’s a great central hub for everyone to be in the know of what’s going on and IT’S LESS THAN $15!!!



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