6 Tips To Combat Dry Winter Skin (And 5 Products To Try)

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I don’t know about you, but this is the time of the year when my skin starts to get painfully dry and itchy.  Being an esthetician, my hands are constantly in water or being washed.  That’s definitely not a mix when trying to ward off dry skin.  Here are 6 tips to combat dry winter skin ( and 5 products to try) that I have found work wonders for me.



bye, bye dry



#1 – Shorten Your Showers


My husband makes fun of me because my showers are always so hot that he says he’s not sure how I still have skin left. LOL. Although the hotter the better for me, this actually isn’t good at all.  Hot water robs your skin of it’s moisture.  Bathing or showering too often strips the natural oils from your skin, causing it to become dry.

Instead, try using lukewarm water, limiting your shower to 10 minutes, and only showering once a day.  Gently pat your body dry instead of rubbing your skin with the towel.



#2 – Make Sure To Use A Humidifier


Dry indoor air can cause chapped, dehydrated skin.  Using a humidifier can add moisture to the air in your home and restore the humidity level, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, healthy, and happy!  The bonus…humidifiers can also alleviate dry sinuses and lessen allergies and upper respiratory symptoms, and even minimize your chances of catching an airborne virus.

There are two types of humidifiers: Cool Mist and Warm Mist


Warm-mist humidifiers work by boiling water inside the machine and then releasing a hot steam into your space.  These are best used for those suffering from allergies or congestion.


I love this Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier because it’s super quiet and doesn’t disturb your sleep.  It also has an auto shut off when it’s empty.  It’s filter free so you never have to worry about replacing anything and it will run up to 12 hours before it needs to be refilled. Bonus…it includes a medicine cup for when you want to use it with liquid inhalants like Vicks VapoSteam.


Cool-mist humidifiers can make a room feel cooler and moisture-rich.  These are best used for the relief of dry, itchy skin.

This Pure Enrichment’s ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier is my fave because it uses a 1.5-liter water tank that can operate for up to 16 hours of continuous use, which means I don’t have to keep refilling it. It’s also a great option for overnight use because it has an optional nightlight, high or low speed mist settings, and automatic shut-off feature once the tank is empty. This humidifier is also an ultrasonic model, meaning the mist won’t make a lot of noise and disturb light sleepers. For all the quality features it offers, it’s a steal at $40.


Keep in mind that as wonderful as humidifiers are, if they are not properly cleaned and maintained they can actually have a negative effect on your health.



#3- Drink Plenty Of Water


While this can be a debatable topic, we can all agree on one thing and that is: hydration is essential for life.  Our body is made up of at least 60% water and at least 20-30% of it is in our skin.

When you’re dehydrated, the body pulls water from other areas of the body to carry on with more important processes, and thus, it would seem likely that being dehydrated can affect your skin.  Studies suggest drinking at least two liters of water daily for optimal skin health and hydration and also proper body function. This is one of the most important of the 6 tips to combat dry winter skin.



#4 – Make Sure To Exfoliate


Exfoliation is physically or chemically removing the build up of dead skin cells from the body and/or face. By exfoliating the skin, it allows optimal penetration and absorption of topical products.  The product is able to travel where it needs to in the skin to work properly and effectively, instead of just sitting on the skin’s surface and plumping up dead skin cells.

When exfoliating the body, recommendation is two to three times a week for normal and combination skin, and once a week for sensitive skin.

I have been using this exfoliating scrub for awhile now and I have been very happy with it.  It’s made of pure ingredients that work well to hydrate, exfoliate, and detoxify the skin.  It smells amazing and always leaves my skin silky soft.  It’s a great price point too!  You can read about why it’s so important to exfoliate here.




#5 – Moisturize


Hands down, without a doubt, this is my all-time favorite go-to for a body moisturizer.  I have tried so many in the past and have always been disappointed.  This CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is the absolute rock star of body moisturizers!!  10 out of 10!

  • not too heavy
  • not too sticky
  • absorbs quickly
  • leaves your skin super silky and crazy hydrated

This cream leaves my body so hydrated, that when I shower I can still feel it on my legs when I touch them. It’s a must have product to try for combatting dry, itchy winter skin.



It provides 24-hour hydration and helps restore the protective skin barrier with three essential ceramides (1,3,6-II) that are controlled-released throughout the day.  It also included hyaluronic acid which helps to retain skin’s natural moisture.  Bonus…it’s fragrance and oil free and won’t clog pores.

Skin Tip:  It’s best to apply moisturizer to skin when it is still damp.  This allows the skin to absorb the emollients more effectively.  



# 6 – Don’t Forget Your Feet


My husband always tells me that I have velcro feet.  It’s pretty funny, but it’s also gross.  My feet get so dry in the winter that they literally stick to everything..blankets, sheets, socks, his shorts!!  It’s terrible.  I came across this foot mask awhile back and it’s literally like liquid gold for your feet.  Side note – I even use it on my hands overnight when they are extremely dry.  It’s magic!!


The formula contains papain and willow bark extract to exfoliate, pumpkin seed extract, orange fruit extract, and lemon fruit extract to polish, and bromelain and black tea leaf extract to soothe and smooth.  It’s worth every penny!! It’s definitely a must have to combat dry skin.


I hope these 6 tips to combat dry winter skin (and 5 products to try) have helped!  If you have any other products that you love to use during these dry, winter months I would love to hear!! Drop me a comment below.


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